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Tourist farm with sauna, fireplace and outside hot tub



Package - romantic pampering in the countryside

  • apartment tubej with sauna
  • night indulging in the outdoor hot tub - intima guaranteed
  • biking to Lake Bohinj
  • archery at the target or 3D animals
  • hike up the mountain with a tour of underground military bunkers from World War 1
  • pampering in the hayloft - sleep on the fragrant hay barn
  • two-seater kayak paddling on Lake Bohinj
The package is ready for min. 4 nights for 400 EUR / person. Each additional day is EUR 100 / person.

Summer activities


 Activities - Fishing

River Sava Bohinjka - crystal clear water .

Povečava Povečava Povečava Povečava Povečava

Bohinj is one of the most famous regions for angling in Slovenia . Clear waters and crafty fish ensure beautiful and interesting fishing. Fish-hooks with barbs are prohibited. So this is something for skilled anglers , and there is nothing wrong with putting back an occasional fish.

Fishing grounds and fishing season:
In Bohinj, fishing is allowed on the Bohinj Lake and on the Sava Bohinjka .
The Sava : fishing grounds stretch from the lake to the bridge in Soteska. Tributaries and the trophy area are off limits

Types of fishing permits:
One-day, three-days or a week permits for Bohinj Lake or for the Sava Bohinjka.

The only permitted method of fishing in the Sava is fly-fishing with barbless hooks. On the lake spanning, fly-fishing, fishing for bleak and with matural baits are permitted.

Manager of fishing grounds: Ribiška družina Bohinj , Ribiška zveza Slovenije 

Activities - Mountain hikes


Povečava Povečava Povečava Povečava Povečava

Bohinj surely needs no introduction as a starting-point for mountain hikes. Triglav alone, the highest mountain in Slovenia , can be reached from three directions (Dolina Sedmerih Jezer, Voje valley, Pokljuka).

Walks across the mountains of Bohinj, exploring the trails of the First World War , the ridge of the Spodnje Bohinjske Gore mountains with their fairy-tale beauty, easier climbing routes such as Miseljski Greben or Vernar, these are just a few suggestions. First-grade maps, marked paths, guide-books, they all enable most mountaineers to take a trip by themselves. If you desire greater safety, want to learn more or visit wonderful spots off the beaten track, we can help you with our guides.

APARTMENTS BOHINJ Activities   Water sports

Bohinj land of water

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Hydro speed
The hydro speed is a special small raft made from polyurethane, designed for descending rapids.
Program organizers: Pac klub

Canyoning is swimming down and descending the beds of Mountain Rivers.
Program organizers: Pac klub

You can rent a boat at the beginning of the Bohinj Lake , at the hotel Pod Voglom and in auto camp Zlatorog, as well as in agency Alpinsport and some pensions.
You can rent wooden boat for rowing, some electric boats or canoes and kayaks.

Kayaking is one of the best ways of experiencing a river.
Program organizers: Pac klub

Just a couple of paddle strokes are all it takes to glide gently off into a wonderful world of beauty, peace and silence.
Program organizers: Pac klub

Swimming is possible in Bohinj lake (mostly in July and August), when temperature reaches up to 25°C.
Swimming pools are available at some hotels: Kompas (outdoor), Zlatorog and Jezero (indoor).

Rafting is descending rapid rivers in a specially built rubber boat steered by experienced guides.
Program organizers: Rafting klub Extrem 

Activities - Winter sports

Povečava Povečava Povečava Povečava Povečava

Alpine skiing
In Bohinj are four skiing centers:
Ski center Vogel
Ski center Soriška planina
Cross-country and alpine skiing center Pokljuka

Skiing (for beginners) is also possible in some places all over Bohinj (Srednja vas, Bohinjska Bistrica, Ribcev Laz, Stara Fuzina, Ravne...), where sometimes removable ski-lifts are placed.

Ski bus stop in village - 50 m from our house, you can skiing to house
Ski service and rent a ski in our village - 50 m from our house.

In winter (when the temperatures are right) two outdoor skating courses are available: Pod skalco - Ribcev Laz and Bohinjska Bistrica. Sometimes (February) you can also skate on Bohinj lake.

Cross - country skiing
For cross-country skiers there is a FIS course available from Bohinjska Bistrica up to village Ravne. There are also prepared cross-country courses at Ribcev Laz and Stara Fuzina and on all Ski centers.




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